What We Do

Our focus is Positioning – defining the “why” before creating the “what” that determines the “when”, “where” and “how”. We have a clear process for getting to a brand’s ideal positioning. Starting with the right strategic approach leads to better solutions, more efficient and effective efforts and measurable results that come from a clear and agreed upon destination.


BRAND67 Marketing Methods



Brand Positioning direction and recommendations – companies cannot be everything to everyone, they must find what they stand for and own it. It must be authentic, honest and rewarding, just to gain acceptance. It must have clear benefits and awesome value. It must also have a great personality – usually requiring some charm. And it must be human. “It” is your brand. And getting a brand to be all these things is not easy. It’s not quick. And it’s not painless. But it is necessary and it should be rewarding. We’ll give clear direction and recommendations and always include measurable goals and objectives.

Strategic marketing recommendations – marketing is a big field to play in, and the many aspects of marketing in today’s fast-changing marketplace means you need the best strategic minds you can get. It’s our home turf and we’re hard to beat at delivering on great strategic and creative thinking.

Research and Data planning and analysis – the most important part of research is planning it and the second most important part is how it is analyzed. Research companies often lack the deep understanding of the brand positioning, objectives and realities to effectively analyze the data they gather. In-house research will often be too close to the brand to be unbiased in their analysis. They will see results that reinforce their beliefs in the brand, beliefs that may need to be re-evaluated and shifted for the brand to grow and prosper. Our goal with research and data, is to plan for the quantity that assures the quality.

Creative Direction – the foundation for all great branding and marketing efforts is creative inspiration. Every aspect of the process can be improved with creativity. At Brand67, creativity is part of our DNA. We’ve developed clear methodology and processes to increase creative problem solving and creative output through every service we offer and in every activity we participate.

Ideation for new products/services – change is the only constant and keeping fresh ideas pumping through an organization or brand is crucial to staying competitive and gaining ground on the segment leaders. Focused ideation in an on-going setting can create new revenue streams, improve products and services incrementally and continually add value to a brand.

Naming and Naming System analysis — names, labels, nicknames, handles and acronyms surround us daily. They can be obstacles in the mind, or they can be beacons amid the din. Whether it’s sub-brands, line extensions, versions or systems, naming is a crucial (and sometimes grueling) process that most companies neglect. We analyze names and naming systems, assist with research and testing, and offer recommendations for improvement.

Audit of marketing plans and vehicles – even the best and brightest minds need unbiased feedback in order to improve planning, strategy and tactics. We provide expert, yet removed analysis, which can bring needed balance to internal planning processes.

Review of ROI on marketing expenditures and targeting – focus is usually the key to ROI. With focus comes sacrifice, and deciding what to sacrifice can be difficult. You need opinions you can trust, and trust is gained by proving expertise, loyalty and generosity. Brand67 is committed to providing excellent, and measurable ROI for its services.

Design and implementation of funneling websites and CRM programs – when leads and conversions are the goal, we bring deep experience and knowledge of the customer journey and how to feed the marketing and sales funnels with highly qualified leads that convert. In addition, the long tail relationship management required to retain and monetize your base must be continually examined and refined with alignment up and down the marketing and sales processes.

Social Media Strategy and Planning – a hot button for sure, but social media is not as scary as it seems. It just takes some good planning that includes clear goals and objectives, and a strategy for implementation. Social media marketing is still marketing, it just involves putting more of the control in the hands of consumers. We can guide your social media to help build awareness, create a more connected following, listen to public opinion and participate in productive conversations while delivering added value and ultimately improving sales.

SEO/SEM audit and recommendations – Search results and strategy are critical pieces of the marketing mix. We employ tools and processes to analyze and audit your SEO and SEM, and utilize our strategic process to identify effective criteria and planning to improve results.

Influencer, Media and Public Relations – there is always relationship building to do, and while most of the focus must be on prospects, suppliers and customer relationships, you can never underestimate the power of the third-party endorsement by others who are not a business target or a customer. When you can be in the news, you want to be sure you are there for the right reasons and the results are beneficial to your brand. We bring deep expertise that results in valuable features, mentions and reviews in a wide range of industry and consumer outlets, influencer networks and blogs.

Brand Shepherding – once the direction is determined, many brands gets lost at sea, as the starting point fades in the distance and you forget exactly where you were heading. Even the best planning can become ineffective at making necessary adjustments in direction to keep the brand on course. Brand67 performs brand reviews and delivers revised brand mapping to assure brands are on proper course.

Methodology coaching – every company/brand has processes for project management and every process can probably be improved to gain efficiencies or improve revenue. Methodology coaching examines company processes and offers recommendations for improvement.

If there is anything on this list that you recognize as an obstacle to your success, and you want to know what might be done to avoid more mediocre results, contact us for a free :30 minute consultation we call a Brand Scrum. We’ll listen, ask some questions and then be frank about our opinions, advice and recommendations. You can take that and run, or you may decide we should work on it together. Contact us.