Creative questions you can’t answer online


As a marketing or communications professional, whether your title is “Creative” or not, you need to be creative. And if you feel you are not creative, you can do things to become more creative. The most successful agencies and clients have creative people from top to bottom. Creative CEO’s and creative Account Executives, creative Media Buyers and creative Interns.

And usually, what makes them creative is not tangible, but happens within minds as they get curious about answering questions. Finding new answers is creative. New answers are untested and naturally fragile, easily broken and discarded. That can be a painful experience, so it takes some bravery to be creative. It takes some willingness to venture into the mind, surrender some control to go past familiar thinking, and entertain answers you rarely reach. Combining ideas that don’t make common sense. And noticing the relationships that make new ideas relevant.

If you’re not feeling creative, it may simply be because you don’t practice. Kinda like anything else at which you’d like to get better. Repetition builds skills. Some take the easy route to answers, they google it. I’ll admit I google things a lot. There is great inspiration and information out there. But there are creative questions that need your personal thinking and answers. You are a unique filter and your mind will combine things like no one else. Putting in the practice to think on creative questions will rewire your mind. The result will be more creative answers to the same old questions. Simply put, that leads to break throughs. No matter what your challenge might be at any given time.

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