What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing – not to be confused with Social Marketing – is basically good ‘ole networking from the comfort of your digital domain instead of a conference, seminar, golf course, bar or business luncheon. Rather than working the literal room, we now post our brand’s quips, opinions and one liners in hopes of influencing or luring a much larger audience. And it’s much easier to mix with a lot more people, since a little “like” and “share” can bring exponential exposure.

The results are similar — if you’re a bore, and you have nothing relevant to say, chances are you’ll go away empty handed. If you’re interesting, charismatic and have helpful information, you could leave with a some interested leads. But you’ll still have to close the deal like always. No one is going to just hand you their business or their money.

Taking advantage of social media is mostly free. Well, except for the time you invest, or the expertise you may want to pay for, but the medium (fb, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) is free. Of course, results will vary with the amount of focus and strategic planning you also invest. Simply talking about yourself, your services and your accomplishments won’t make the most of this investment.

Social media is still the same as any other media when it comes to marketing and PR – you have to know your target. You have to know what they want, where they gather, and you have to provide information that they find useful.

Should businesses participate in social media marketing? Of course. Do they have any idea how to create a strategy and implement it in order to capitalize? Few do. We’re all learning and the key is to define a solid strategy before you start.

It’s a new game and there are no clear rules!!

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