There are no new ideas? Well…

Sure, you’ve heard it before – there are no new ideas. And it’s true, every idea is simply a combination of two previous ideas. So with the exception of that very first idea, or two, there really has been no originally new ideas, ever. No artist or thinker in history has become the master before being the student and learning the ideas that existed before them.

But something great happens once you accept this – you stop thinking you’re on the quest for something completely original. You start to understand that you are simply a filter. A very complex filter, wired similar to, but different than other filters. And so, your filter will mix previous ideas in ways that other filters might not. That is your originality. Your freedom to let all other ideas effect and change your ideas for the benefit of new ideas. It’s ok. There’s no other way to go about it. You must borrow from everything that has come before you.

So take pride in your mash-ups. They are truly your own original creations. And although they are really combinations of other ideas, the world will see them as fresh and new.

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