67 Branding Insights

An on-going article featuring tips and insights on branding and marketing This article is an ongoing series of posts. Feel free to add your own insights in the comments and

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6 reasons your target is too big

When defining a target audience, what makes marketers reach for the shotgun rather than the rifle? Is it the belief that throwing the widest net possible, with messages to the

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Take a position – and own it

Positioning is the first place that every brand needs to be bold. You cannot be a leader by following. If you don’t start with a differentiating position, don’t expect differentiating creative. The magic starts with one benefit that holds a unique place in your prospects mind.

Creating the creative strategy

We have strategies (or plans of action) for everything – Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Communication Strategy – and while these are all important plans of action, the one we’re focused on here is the Creative Strategy. We could also call it a creative plan of action – or better yet, A PLAN FOR CREATIVE ACTION.

I know what you must be thinking…

What’s the difference between your thoughts and your customer’s thoughts? Context. And your customers context of thought could very well be the key to businesses discovering what it is that

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Is your audience invited to the party?

How many ads, messages, emails, communications, articles, posts and promotions go by unnoticed, or barely noticed? Why are you not interested? Why are you not engaged? Of course you are not in the market for everything. So the

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing – not to be confused with Social Marketing – is basically good ‘ole networking from the comfort of your digital domain instead of a conference, seminar, golf course, bar or

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There are no new ideas? Well…

Sure, you’ve heard it before – there are no new ideas. And it’s true, every idea is simply a combination of two previous ideas. So with the exception of that

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Try some creative schizophrenia.

No, I’m not making fun of people with schizophrenia. But I do have a good creative exercise that taps into your ability to “try-on” personalities or “get into character”. Similar to

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Great work creates change

The building blocks of great marketing ideas are strong creative strategies based on thorough research and aggressive positioning. I’ll cover these topics throughout my work, as they create the foundation

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